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Learn how to Communicate w/your horse!
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"We cannot teach people anything.  We can only
help them discover it within themselves."

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Message  From  Bob
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I would like to be instrumental in teaching horse owners how to be safe riding their horses, and to teach youth how to train horses.

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I recently had a phone conversation with Mark Perovich who told me about losing their 11 year old daughter in a tragic horse accident 2 years ago. Mark and Melissa Perovich have provided you and I with these statistics below.

Mark and Melissa want everyone to understand the gravity of the danger involved in horse related activities.

"After doing intensive research involving head trauma and horse back riding, (they) were shocked to discover the staggering statistics which were revealed involving horseback riding accidents":

I want to personally thank Mark and Melissa Perovich for sharing this information, so that it may possibly help someone else avoid a tragic horse related accident.

I also want to commend them, for having the courage and dedication, in of lieu their daughters' death to go forward, and try to help anyone that will listen, about the dangers of horse related activities...

Mark and Melissa are proponents of horse riding safety education and the use riding helmets for everyone riding horses or handling horses...

        AND FINALLY...........................................

Bob Allen
---Galileo Galilei
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