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Learn how to Communicate w/your horse!
Ride Safe Clinics
"We cannot teach people anything.  We can only
help them discover it within themselves."

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---Galileo Galilei
'I have personally worked with Savvy Horse Experiential Therapy
program. I am profondly impressed by the potential it can have on troubled youth in schools today'

-Michael Goldberg
NM Licensed
School Pyschologist


Bob, Tammie and Lynwyatt Allen
Savvy Horse Experiential Therapy Program

I want to thank you for conducting the Experiential Therapy Program for our juvenile probationers during the Christmas Holiday break.

Our youth learned valuable communication skills in working with the horses that are transferable to their life situations. By trying different ways to communicate with the horses, they were able to get the horses to perform various tasks. Our youth gained confidence in their abilities to effectively change behavior. This program increases self-esteem and builds trust and respect. Day by day, we could see each child relax and break down the barriers that were keeping them from succeeding.

I look forward to more opportunities to bring this therapeutic program to our community.


Linda F. Smith
Chief Probation Officer
Lavaca County, Texas
Savvy Horse Therapy Programs
Dear Bob, Tammy, Lynwyatt Allen

I just wanted say that your horse therapy program is best program I've seen in my 14 years of being a probation officer. The children had a great time and had a chance to be 'kids'. Too many of these children have to grow up fast and do not have a chance to be a child. This program gives a child an opportunity to learn something about themselves and relationships in a fun setting. The children are already asking when the horse program is coming back. One parent advised that this program has given her son back to her. Keep up the good work and please come back to Lavaca County.


James Foster
Juvenile Probation Officer
Lavaca County
Hallettsville, Texas


Bob, Tammie and Lyn,

I have to say THANK YOU in a huge way. I would have never guessed in a million years that the one thing that was so difficult with my horse is NOW the easiest. I loaded Wrangler yesterday in the trailer 5 times (just to see if I could). He didn't hesitate AT ALL.

After you explained the way the horse thinks, most things I have been doing have been rethought. I can't wait to get on the trail and know that our ride will be about exploring and having fun, not anticipating a problem.

I can't say "thank you" enough for all your time, and commitment to 'The Horses' and 'Horseman'. 
                                                                          -Katheryn Pape 

"The methods work, I have seen them in action, simply amazing."   I have attended two of Bob Allen's clinics. Mr. Allen has  worked with our extremely spirited Paso Fino stallion. His results for both riders and horses are outstanding. You can see some of his training techniques as practiced on our stallion at      

----------------Carolyn Meinel

I have never owned a horse before and encountered a few problems such as fighting the bit, throwing his head in the air, being skittish and trailering.

When I first met Bob Allen he said he wanted to improve the "pilot" and not just the "plane", and it worked like a charm. He wanted me to take an active role in training my own horse. He was not there only to train my horse, he was there to train me.

Bob talked about the importance of creating a trust based relationship with my horse. Bobs techniques were perfect for me to practice on my own and ask questions as they arose. This gentle approach helped the horse to be comfortable in any situation.

Thankfully I discovered Bob and my horse is becoming the horse I had envisioned him to be. I can not say Thank You enough to Bob for giving me and my family a relationship with our horse that has created pleasurable trail rides.

Pat Moser, ABQ School Teacher

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